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We are doing everything we can to make sure that visits to our dental offices are as risk-free as possible.

In doing so we follow social distancing, CDC, and ADA regulations to prevent the spread of the virus.

We ask you to check with your medical doctor if you are sick and to postpone your dental visit until you cleared by them.

Unlike your previous visits, when we were wearing the scrubs, surgical masks, goggles, and gloves mostly, these times expect the “enhanced appearance” on our part. In addition to these, we will have protective isolation gowns, face shields, protective caps, and masks like N95 or its analog. 

We utilize brand new special Ultra HEPA filters with pores smaller than the size of the virus to keep the air in the treatment rooms safe and clean. There were purchased specifically to fight the pandemic (see the picture of the filter displaced next to the text).

As always, we sterilize all instruments, we change all the disposable covers, we disinfect all the surfaces with the special germicidal wipes and sprays which kill the virus. 

Expect us to take your temperature upon entering, and not to be seen if you have a fever. We will provide a mask if you do not have one. We ask for the people accompanying the patient to stay outside unless they must be present for a minor or a special need patient.


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