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Dental Cleanings

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Having a thoroughly cleaned mouth doesn’t just feel refreshing; regular dental cleanings are necessary for your health. Aesthetic Dental Centers, located in Ridgefield Park, New Jersey, Hackensack, New Jersey, Dover, New Jersey, and Pearl River, New York, offers dental cleanings for patients of all ages. If you need a fresh, gorgeous smile, call one of Aesthetic Dental Centers’ four locations or schedule an appointment online today.

Dental Cleanings Q & A

What are Dental Cleanings?

Professional dental cleanings are a necessary part of preventive care. Daily brushing and flossing are fundamental, too, but you likely aren’t getting between each tooth or scrubbing them enough.

After a dental cleaning, your teeth will feel smooth and much cleaner than after your nightly brushing. Plus, your teeth will look brighter and whiter, allowing you to enjoy a celeb-worthy smile for days after your appointment.

What Should I Expect During My Dental Cleaning Appointment?

There are several steps to dental cleanings. A registered dental hygienist will perform the cleaning before your dentist arrives to examine your teeth. At your appointment, your hygienist will:

  • Scrape the tartar (hardened plaque) from your teeth
  • Remove the plaque (bacteria) from your teeth
  • Polish your teeth with a rotating brush and gel


As your hygienist removes the plaque and tartar from your teeth, they rinse the debris away with water. Cleanings usually aren’t uncomfortable unless you have particularly sensitive gums. The feeling of a clean, fresh mouth after it’s over makes any discomfort worth it.

Why Should I Get a Dental Cleaning?

Getting your teeth professionally cleaned regularly is important because, over time, it prevents gum disease and other serious health conditions. Even if you brush and floss perfectly at home, bacteria tends to build up on your teeth and beneath your gums. The bacteria that builds up as a film over your teeth is called plaque, and it hardens into a substance called tartar that is much more difficult to remove without special dental tools.

If the plaque and tartar build up excessively, they can cause your teeth to decay and your gums to become infected. If left untreated for too long, the bacteria can get into your blood and potentially cause diseases in other parts of your body.

When Should I Get a Dental Cleaning?

If your oral health is generally good, your dentist will likely recommend two professional dental cleanings per year. If you have particularly poor oral hygiene, you may need to visit Aesthetic Dental Centers more often to achieve ideal cleanliness and oral health.

If you’re overdue for professional dental cleaning, the team at Aesthetic Dental Centers can help. To schedule a cleaning, call or set up an appointment online today. We proudly serve in Hackensack County, Morris County, Bergen County, and Rockland County.